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Why Work With Us

Financial planning services may sometimes be viewed as superfluous, rather than the necessity they actually are. Donohue-Hart-Thomson Financial Group believes that financial planning and wealth management services should be made available to everyone. We take the time to educate our clients, answer their questions, and clear any confusion that may exist in their current financial affairs.

Planning is a future-focused discipline - a process, not a package. As such, it requires restraint on presenting too “rosy” a picture. While we are continually looking out over one’s lifetime, we measure and adjust on a prescribed, consistent, and ongoing basis to account for the unpredictable moments that occur along the way.

Our team will assist you in setting realistic planning goals and expectations from the beginning, accounting for the inevitable changes and left-turns that life will surely bring. No road leading to a thriving future is straight and flat. We help you by creating a personalized plan that anticipates the curves, hills, and potholes. Ever-adapting to the changing conditions, your customized plan is as unique, and as alive, as you are.