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Financial Planning & Implementation

Through Founders Financial Securities, LLC., we offer financial planning services and implementation services to our clients. Planning services are based on a set fee while implementation is fee and/or commission based. The goal of our financial planning is to help you organize your finances and to position you better for financial independence and reduced debt. We will review your present financial situation, design a detailed financial plan based on your goals and needs and help you to implement the recommendations in the plan.

A comprehensive financial plan will include detailed analysis and recommendations tailored to your specific needs in the following areas:

  • Analyze existing assets and liabilities
  • Analyze business and personal cash flow
  • Analyze income tax structure and develop income tax strategies
  • Examine funding needs for savings, education, retirement and other goals
  • Risk tolerance analysis
  • Examine risk management needs including disability, life, business risk, guardianships/trusteeships, and long-term care
  • Analyze present and targeted asset allocation
  • Specific investment management recommendations
  • Develop estate planning strategies including, where appropriate: ownership issues, unified credit planning, gifting (heirs), trust planning opportunities, deferred gift planning and asset maximization

Following an initial meeting to discuss what you can expect from us and what data we will need from you in the financial planning process, our financial planning services typically include two more meetings followed by a series of shorter meetings or conference calls.

In our second meeting with you, we will develop an understanding of your goals and objectives, financial and non-financial, and collect information regarding your present financial situation. In the third meeting, we will present a complete financial plan to you with a thorough analysis of your current strengths and weaknesses, and our recommendations, which we will discuss individually with you in order to develop an implementation schedule. Once an action plan is in place, we will work with you to ensure that you are able to implement the financial plan and to address any remaining issues.

Once we have completed the financial planning process, the value in the plan lies in its execution and continued monitoring. As a part of the initial planning process, we are available to assist you for the first year during implementation. Beyond this point, we are available to update existing financial plans. This allows us to keep in touch with you on a regular basis to provide advice and to address changing financial issues that may affect you. These might include changes in tax laws, shifts in the financial markets or changes in your personal life.

A contract for a plan update covers an update to the analysis performed with your original financial plan as well as meetings or conference calls to discuss pertinent issues.