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Employer Benefits Services

Offering superior benefits is simply good business. It helps you to attract and retain quality employees. Health and retirement benefits represent approximately 20% of the average employee's total compensation package.

The employer's challenge is in managing benefit expenses while providing sound health and retirement benefits. Our benefits professionals are well positioned to provide our clients with objective guidance in designing and implementing health care and retirement programs for their employees and key personnel.

We excel at helping employers to maintain or even expand benefits coverage while reducing expenses. Moreover, because we realize that servicing employee claims can be cumbersome and inefficient for many companies, Donohue-Hart maintains a health claim servicing department that will shoulder this burden for our clients.

Based on a business' particular needs, we will tailor a quality health and/or retirement plan for its employees.

Our health benefits programs include:

  • Traditional indemnity plans
  • Managed-care programs such as HMOs,
  • PPOs, and Point of Service plans
  • Cost sharing options
  • Pre-tax payments of premium benefits
  • Dental plans
  • Payroll deduction services

Retirement program services include:

Executive and class carve-out options for highly valued employees

  • 401K/403B Plans
  • SEP-Simplified Employee Pensions
  • Payroll Deduction Services

Finally, we can help business enterprises determine their need for other employee-risk reduction programs such as life insurance and disability insurance.