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Donohue-Hart-Thomson Financial Group

Donohue-Hart-Thomson Financial Group


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There are a lot of things that make you and your financial situation different. Just as no two clients are the same, at Donohue-Hart-Thomson Financial Group, we believe the same to be true of financial planning firms.

Through Founders Financial Securities, LLC., we offer financial planning and implementation services to individuals, families, and businesses. Focused on helping clients achieve their goals by positioning them for increased financial independence and reduced debt. As a comprehensive financial planning firm, we are eager to work with clients on a personal and individual basis. Not only does this allow us to better serve our clients, but enhances our position as a leading firm in the industry.

Donohue-Hart-Thomson Financial Group is committed to establishing and growing relationships between our advisors and our clients. Built on more than assets and returns, our firm stands on a solid ground of interpersonal relationships that last well into the future.

We seek to better the lives of our clients and work with them well into their unwritten future. Together, we can weather the storms and celebrate the successes together.